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Simplest RapidShare Hack

I came across an old movie I really wanted to have. I couldn’t find it anywhere else; it was available to download only from RapidShare. The problem was that the movie was split by the uploader into 19 different zip files. Since I am not a Rapid Pro member and with the increased security measures enforced by RapidShare, it would have taken me an awful amount of time to have the files downloaded to my PC.

I tried to use some of the hacks on the web. Some of them are outdated and cannot be used on the new RapidShare interface, others are complicated, while others don’t always work. So I used the oldest trick in the book which, to my surprise, worked as a charm. Here is what I did.

1. Click to download the first file from RapidShare
2. Choose the free download, wait 62 seconds to download
3. Wait until the file is downloaded to your hard drive
4. Unplug your router, wait a few seconds and plug it back in
5. Connect to you network, your router generates automatically a new IP address
6. Click on the second file, choose the free download and wait again 62 seconds to download it

For the second file, you would be normally forced to wait almost half an hour. So by using this method, I managed to save 7 hours (for 19 files) of waiting and nail biting. And I also wrote this tutorial on my blog. If you are connected directly to the internet (not through a router/modem), a manual renewal of your IP should also do the trick.

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